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Directions for Getting Started

  • Wash all the t-shirts. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Ensure that all shirts are colorfast. Heat dry.
  • No need to cut them up. If you have already cut them, don’t panic! We can still work with what you have.
  • Remove any stains. Any remaining stains will go into the quilt as it.
  • We can make small repairs – so include any damaged t-shirts, and we can let you know if they are suitable for use in the quilt.
  • Designs you DO NOT want in the quilt? - Use masking tape to mark those designs not to be included.
  • Give a few extra shirts (3 – 5) that you would like to include if there is room.
  • Small pocket and sleeve motifs can be combined into one square
  • Front and back can be combined into one square.
  • Set up a consultation, where we will look through your t-shirts, discuss and finalize the design, size, and color preferences.
  • Where possible we will meet with you to choose backing and binding fabrics.
  • There is a $100 down payment upon acceptance of the order.