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A T-shirt Quilt is a Family Treasure.

Tracey Baker and Helen Schmidt of East Cobb have teamed up to produce fantastic hand-made t-shirt quilts from favorite old t-shirts. Tracey and Helen bring their experience, enthusiasm and love for quilting to every project they tackle. Their quilts are high quality and are creatively designed especially for you. Each quilt is unique, and is given the time and attention needed to make a special one-of-a-kind gift that will be cherished for years to come.

A t-shirt quilt is an ideal way to preserve lasting memories using the t-shirts you have collected throughout the years. High school shirts from Walton, Pope, Wheeler or any other high school make a perfect graduation gift. High school or college sports tee shirts can turn into a wonderful gift for the athlete in your family. Those running or sorority t-shirts you have saved could make a wall hanging, or a cozy throw for your media room. Vacation t-shirts can become a long lasting family memory quilt for Christmas. Retirement quilts make the ideal gift for teachers, work colleagues, family or friends, while memorial quilts offer comfort and happy memories to family members. Call us for ideas on how to turn that pile of tee shirts taking up space in your closet, into a treasured and meaningful gift for the holidays, birthdays or weddings. Don’t pack away your memories – enjoy them on display in your very own personalized quilt.

Our prices are very competitive.